Preference #25- He Finds Your Scars
  • Harry: You were always careful to wear long sleeves around Harry and he never really noticed. One day as you where lying in the bed Harry grabbed you put you on top of him like an airplane. You fingers interlocked with his, his feet holding your knees up. Flying you over his body. Harry gasped and immediately dropped you on top of him when your sleeve rolled down. You lie on top of him wishing he didn't see the ugly scars that covered both wrists. "Wh- wh- why?" Harry asks looking up at you. "um.. It was before I met you!" You are starting to stutter over your words. "Why have you never told me" he ask you with a sadness to his face. "I didn't want to disappoint you." You begin to cry."I am more disappointed in myself for never noticing" Harry is tearing up as well. Harry lets you lie on his chest and tell him why you ever did it i the first place. It felt so good to let all those feeling that have been bottled up inside for years, all out.
  • Louis: You and Louis were out in the park when of course he got stopped by fans. He didn't mind it he actually enjoyed sighing autographs and hearing his fans tell him why they loved him. Some of the girls even wanted you to take pictures with them and Louis. You heard one girl on the side say "UGH! Why dose he like her!? He should be with me!" Another girl said "Who would love a cutter .... That piece of shit" by that she ment you. You never thought anyone noticed your cutting. It started just around the same time as the hate did, but you did a really good job of covering it up. The words 'Who would love a cutter' rang in your ears but were broken by Louis yelling. "EXUSE ME!?" He was red with anger. "That's it girls ... thank you friends cause we are leaving now! If you ever say something like that about my girlfriend, ever again, you can find yourself a new member of One Direction because I'll be taking her and leaving." All the girls backed off and left in a mutter talking about how sassy Louis was and that he was being an ass. As you walked away hand and hand Louis asked you "So um what happend?" "I um... The hate sometimes it gets to hard for me. I'm a regular girl and all I did wrong to them was make you happy ... at least I think." You tell Louis how you have been feeling since the day people found out you and Louis were dating and the same day you started cutting. "I will make sure of one thing. You will never do this ever, ever again" Louis reassure you. Sure enough you stopped getting as much hate, the hate had shifted off to Louis, but he was stronger then you. He had you to help him though it.
  • Niall: The day had finally came. You were going to get Niall from the airport! You had missed him so much while he was away on tour, you even began cutting to fill the emptiness you were left with. When their flight arrived there was a lot of Directioners waiting there with you to see the boys. Some even took pictures with you to show tumblr. They kept asking you about Niall and how he treats you, it was cute, it helped pass time as you all waited. You saw all the boys come out and give autographs, you gave them hugs but you had one person on your mind, Niall. Then, There he was Tall, lean but buff, Wearing a grey thin hoodie with a piar of black skinny jeans. He wore a red snapback and a smile that lit up when he saw you. He dropped his luggage and ran grabbing you in his arms, spinning you around , kissing you up and down. All the fans took out their cameras so they can plaster pictures all over the internet. When your sleeve fell down, you couldn't pick it up fast enough not wanting the fans to get a picture, but they did. "Y/N I saw that... those weren't here before I left? Did something happen?" Niall looked puzzled the excitement in his face drained. "I couldn't without you by my side" You begin to tell Niall. "I missed you and I had no other way to escape I'm sorry." You cry into his collar bone. "I will never let my princesse do this to herself ever again" Niall kisses your cheek and wipes away your tears.
  • Liam: Liam was doing an interview with a big magazine and he asked you to tag along. You just couldn't say no. The way Liam's eyes creased when he begged. It was so adorable. You went into the interview feeling happy as can be. Liam's arm around your waist, your hand behind his back clenching onto his shirt. They went through a series of questions when the interviewer asked Liam a question you were dreading. "So in recent news we have heard your girlfriend Y/N has been cutting, how have you been dealing with this?" Liam sat there, SHOCKED. His mouth open wide until he turned to you. "Y/N is this true!?" He asks in horror. " Um..." You pull down your sleeves revealing a bunch of ugly scars. "How could I have let this happen?" Liam looks so upset. He pulls your arms up and kisses every little scar. "We will get through this." He nods at you and kisses your lips softly. The interviewer dose not put this in the magazine "some things are just to sweet to exploit" she says as you to leave the studio.
  • Zayn: Now was the perfect time. Zayn was out, you were alone. You ran into the bathroom and grabbed your razor. You slammed yourself down onto the bathroom floor. You cried for a few minuted before taking the razor to your skin.You hear a voice coming in your direction. "Y/N? Hey I'm home early! Want to go out for dinner?" It was Zayn. You had no escape now . You threw the razor in the sink and attempted to lock the door. It was to late Zayn had gotten to you. "Y/N! Wh- What is this!?" Zayn has tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry" You repeat over and over "You're sorry!? I'm sorry! You have been doing this all this time and I haven't even noticed I'm terrible aren't I? It's all my fault" Zayn begins. "No No!" You tell him "It's all me I'm the mest up one!" You are crying again. "No Not anymore" Zayn replies. " He grabbs the razor and throws it out the open window. He grabs your hand and washes it off and places a bandage around the bloody skin. "I will help you. I am here to protect you from now on" Zayn tells you with a hug. You never felt to lucky in your life.
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